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PM timoroan hatete katak kazu hosi kazal portugés ne'ebé halai hosi Timor bele afeta relasaun bilateral

PM timoroan hatete katak kazu hosi kazal portugés ne'ebé halai hosi Timor bele afeta relasaun bilateral

Iha loron-sesta ne'e, primeiru-ministru timoroan hatete ona ba Governu portugés katak nia atitude relasionadu ho kazu hosi kazal portugés ne'ebé halai hosi Timor-Leste bele estraga relasaun bilateral sira no apela ona ba "asaun ida" hosi Lisboa hodi esklarese situasaun.

Mari Alkatiri hatete ona ba Lusa katak senti preokupadu tanba embaixada portugeza iha Díli hasai pasaporte sira hodi nune'e maka Tiago ho Fong Fong Guerra iha hodi halai sai hosi nasaun, apela ba Lisboa atu halo "asaun ida" kona-ba situasaun ne'e.

"Ha'u senti preokupadu ho atitude hosi embaixada portugeza rasik hodi hasai pasaporte portugés sira. Ne'e bele estraga relasaun sira entre nasaun irmaun rua no iha CPLP nia laran. Ami tenki jere di'ak situasaun ne'e", nia hatete.

Iha sentidu ne'e, Mari Alkatiri husik "apelu diretu" ida ba Governu portugés hodi "hetan dalan sira hodi halo asaun ida" hodi konvense autoridade timoroan sira katak "ne'e hanesan kazu izoladu ida ne'ebé sei hanesan susar tebes hodi akontese fali".

Tiago ho Fong Fong Guerra nia kazu marka ona momentu ida susar tebes hosi relasaun bilateral sira entre Portugal ho Timor-Leste iha tinan hirak ikus ne'e, hamosu krítika oioin iha sosiedade timoroan.

Kondenadu ba kadeia tinan ualu iha Díli - kazu seidauk julga tanba hetan rekursu - Tiago ho Fong Fong Guerra halai tiha ba Austrália ho ró no to'o iha loron 09 Novembru no iha loron 25 Novembru to'o iha Lisboa.

Mari Alkatiri admiti mós katak senti preokupadu atu komunidade portugeza iha Timor-Leste bele sai hanesan objetivu hosi insultu sira no agora bele hetan mós "perseguisaun" hosi justisa tanba kazu ne'e.

Kaer ona portugés na'in ida ho timoroan na'in rua no na'in rua hosi suspeitu na'in tolu, inklui portugés, iha hela prizaun preventivu iha kadeia Bekora, hetan akuzasaun ba envolvimentu iha kazal ne'e nia fuga.

Entrega pasaporte sira hosi embaixada portugeza ba kazal iha Díli hetan krítika iha Timor-Leste, maibé ministru Negósiu Estranjeiru portugés, Augusto Santos Silva, garanti ona katak iha respeitu ba lejislasaun portugeza, konkluzaun ne'ebé hetan hosi inkéritu urjente ida ne'ebé nia haruka halo.

Maski nune'e, krítika sira hasoru portugés sira ho Portugal aumenta nafatin iha Timor-Leste ho ema portugés sira ne'ebé ko'alia ho Lusa hatete katak sira hetan insultu iha dalan sira.

Iha rede sosial sira aumenta mós komentáriu krítiku sira ho insultu sira kontra Portugal no ema portugés sira ne'ebé maka halo hosi ema timoroan balun, barak maka iha dupla nasionalidade no balun sei simu pensaun sira no apoiu sira hosi Estadu portugés.

"Preokupasaun boot daruak ne'ebé ha'u iha maka ho komunidade portugeza iha Timor-Leste. Ha'u hein katak ne'e sei la jeneraliza", nia afirma.

"Hahú agora bainhira iha portugés balun ne'ebé sai suspeitu ba asaun ruma sei susar tebes hodi hetan Termu Identidade ho Rezidénsia nian. Tanba iha perigu halai sai, tenki ba prizaun preventivu no sei hanesan aat tebes bainhira ne'e akontese. Ne'e hanesan ha'u nia preokupasaun boot: hahú tau sidadaun portugés sira hanesan objetivu hosi perseguisaun ida justisa nian", xefe Governu hatete.

Mari Alkatiri konsidera katak iha risku "kria situasaun ida ne'ebé ema portugés sira ne'ebé uluk konsidera hanesan irmaun agora sai hanesan objetivu hosi krítika sira ka hosi atitude sira seluk".

Tanba ne'e, nia husik apelu ida ba sosiedade timoroan "hodi la jeneraliza kestaun ne'e".

Situasaun atual hamosu tensaun ne'ebé maka iha ona, semana-semana, iha embaixada Portugal nia oin, iha Díli, ne'ebé ema timoroan atus resin hasoru malu hodi trata sira nia pedidu pasaporte nian.

Presaun hanesan maka'as tebes, ho ameasa sira no insultu sira, no embaixada tenki taka, dalabarak, atendimentu ba públiku no bolu dalabarak polísia timoroan.

Jornalista timoroan sira halo parte mós ba krítika sira hodi akuza iha artigu sira iha imprensa ka iha "post sira" iha Facebook, hasoru embaixada ba kumplisidade iha kazu kazal nia halai, hodi afirma katak pedidu oioin informasaun nian ka deklarasaun sira ne'ebé halo ba misaun diplomátiku laiha resposta.

Misaun diplomátiku hein hela atu embaixador foun, José Pedro Machado Vieira, aprezenta nia kredensial sira, maibé seidauk iha loron markadu.

SAPO TL ho Lusa
Trump ho Putin ko'alia kona-ba Koreia-Norte

Trump ho Putin ko'alia kona-ba Koreia-Norte

Prezidente Estadus Unidus nian, Donald Trump, ho nia homólogu rusu, Vladimir Putin, ko'alia ona iha loron-kinta liuhosi telefone kona-ba oinsá "rezolve situasaun perigozu" ho Koreia-Norte, informa hosi White House.

"Prezidente na'in rua ko'alia atu serbisu hamutuk hodi rezolve situasaun perigozu tebes iha Koreia-Norte", haktuir hosi komunikadu ida.

Konversa telefónika hala'o iha loron hanesan bainhira Prezidente rusu fó konferénsia imprensa ba final tinan nian, ne'ebé, bainhira hatán kona-ba nia avaliasaun hosi tinan dahuluk Donald Trump nian iha White House, nia hatete katak haree ona "konkista balun ne'ebé importante tebes".

Xefe hosi Kremlina refere, liuliu, ba aumentu hosi merkadu sira tanba "konfiansa hosi investidor sira iha ekonomia norte-amerikanu, tanba sira fiar iha asaun hosi Prezidente Trump".

Tanba ne'e, durante diálogu, "Trump agradese ona ba Putin tanba nia rekoñesimentu hosi dezempeñu ekonómiku sólidu hosi Estadus Unidus nian".

Iha konferénsia imprensa, iha Moskovo, Putin hatete mós katak nia dezeja normalizasaun hosi relasaun sira ho Washington, no destaka ona katak "iha asuntu barak" ne'ebé maka nasaun rua bele "halibur kbiit sira" entre sira maka nia haktuir kona-ba luta hasoru terorizmu internasional.

SAPO TL ho Lusa


The PLA is set to become the largest “American” military force to pose a threat to the U.S.

By Don Tse*

Two Chinese armored brigades clashed in a week-long training exercise at the Zhurihe Training Base in Inner Mongolia in 2015. Both brigades were equipped with identical armored vehicles and weapons. The Blue opposing forces brigade (OPFOR), however, was organized and fought in the fashion of a United States brigade combat team.

The Red friendly force was crushed. “Within an hour we were hit with airstrikes, enemy satellite reconnaissance, and cyberattacks … Frankly, I never imagined it would be this hard,” said Wang Ziqiang, the armored brigade commander of the Red force. Wang’s political commissar Liu Haitao was caught on camera sobbing after the defeat. In a documentary aired on state television days before the 19th Party Congress in October, Liu said that his unit was initially very confident of victory over the Blue team, which was formerly a sister unit. “But over the course of seven days, we were beaten … we lost because we didn’t meet realistic combat standards when training our troops,” he said.

Subpar training tells only part of the story. Between 2014 and 2016, the “American” Blue team scored a total of 32 victories and one defeat against Red forces that comprised some of the best and most well-equipped units in the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). On average, Red forces sustained 70 percent simulated casualties after clashing with the Blue team. The PLA’s poor performance against a modern military unit gave President and Commander-in-Chief Xi Jinping sufficient reason to seek an overhaul.

In September 2015, Xi announced sweeping military reforms that included a 300,000 troop cut, the creation of a joint command structure that has drawn comparisons with the United States’s Goldwater-Nichols Act, and a military-civilian integration program that appears to draw inspiration from the American military-industrial complex. During his speech at the 19th Party Congress, Xi set three goals for the PLA: By 2020, achieve basic mechanization, make significant progress in using information technology, and elevate strategic ability; by 2035, become a modernized defense and military force; by 2050, become a world-class military.

If Xi is can fully implement his reforms while successfully fending off military and political opponents, the PLA should most closely resemble the U.S. military in terms of organization and chain of command. The reformed PLA, however, is unlikely to best the U.S. military in a conventional war given its technological gap and lack of warfighting experience. But factor in unconventional warfare tactics and next-generation technology, and the PLA may stand a chance of rivaling the world’s strongest fighting force.

Reasons for Reform

Xi’s military reforms appear to be driven by two factors: China’s need as an aspiring world power for a modern military that can fight and win wars, and Xi’s need to consolidate power in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The former factor is the more obvious of the two. While previous CCP leaders had carried out some military reform and updated the military’s weaponry, the PLA had long remained organized along the Soviet model. Combat tactics and doctrine didn’t differ much from the low-tech, ground forces-heavy style utilized during the 1950 Korean War. While militaries around the world had been moving toward joint service operations since the 1980s, the army was still the most prominent service branch in the PLA. The navy and air force played an auxiliary role.

From a national defense and overseas security standpoint, the relative backwardness of the PLA is a pressing concern for the Xi administration. China has pledged hundreds of billions of dollars for its Belt and Road Initiative, a major transnational development strategy to promote trade between China and Eurasian countries through an overland route and a maritime route. The PLA also periodically faces border issues with India and Vietnam, and maritime run-ins with neighboring countries in the South China Sea. And in the east, China has to contend with a nuclear-capable North Korea whose leadership is aligned with Xi’s political rivals.

The need for modern tactics and joint operations was firmly impressed upon the commanders who participated in or observed the training exercises in Zhurihe. Previously, training exercises were formulaic affairs that usually ended up with friendly Red teams defeating Blue teams made up of rotated units. Xi, however, required a professional OPFOR to test the combat effectiveness of PLA units more rigorously. So the 195th mechanized infantry brigade under commander Xia Minglong underwent reorganization between 2013 and April 2014 to serve as a dedicated Blue team. State media hinted that the “foreign combat doctrine” embraced by the Blue team was similar to that of the U.S. military, and its organization should more closely resemble a U.S. combat brigade.

A typical training exercise at Zhurihe would see the Blue team launch nuclear strikes, carpet bombing runs, and electronic attacks against the attacking Red force, as well as conduct nightly raids. Special forces tactics were also utilized — Blue team troops impersonating local government representatives delivering goodwill provisions to a Red team force successfully met with and captured their commander. While the Blue team was equipped with outdated Type 59 main battle tanks and Type 63 armored troop carriers, it is likely that they were simulated as M1 Abrams and Bradley Fighting Vehicles using multiple integrated laser engagement systems. Lastly, the Blue team usually emerged overwhelmingly victorious as both a defender or aggressor force.

The sobering performance of the various PLA units at Zhurihe seemed to be sufficient for Xi to convince the top PLA brass to adopt deep reforms for the military to stay relevant. The reforms that have been rolled out thus far appear to largely take reference from the United States:

- The Central Military Commission (CMC) was reorganized to accommodate a permanent joint command and control structure. This is reflected in the abolishing of the four General Departments and the creation of 15 new departments, as well as inclusion of top naval and air force generals in the CMC of the 19th Central Committee.

- The chain of command was separated into an operational chain and an administrative chain. For instance, the new military theaters oversee combat preparations, while the service branch headquarters see that the various units are organized, trained, and equipped for missions.

- The PLA is now organized around brigade combat teams as opposed to divisions.

China’s new civilian-military integration program is geared toward the development of a military-industrial complex like the United States’

- On November 10, the CMC announced regulations governing the creation of a new civilian service.

- On November 24, state media announced the piloting of a military professional education program.

Operationally, the PLA may more closely resemble the U.S. military after reform, albeit with a Leninist dual command structure that allows the CCP to retain full control over the troops.

The success of Xi’s military reforms, however, hinges on his efforts to consolidate power in the CCP. While Xi emerged from the 19th Party Congress with greater authority, he still faces resistance from the influential Jiang Zemin faction. Top CMC members and the PLA newspaper continue to stress the importance of cleaning out the “pernicious influence of Guo Boxiong and Xu Caihou,” two former CMC vice chairs and Jiang faction elites, from the military. Many of the other 64 top ranking generals who were purged under Xi’s anti-corruption campaign are also associated with the Jiang faction. Furthermore, there might be senior military leaders who aren’t clearly linked with the Jiang faction but are unhappy with Xi — Hong Kong media reported that vanished former CMC members Fang Fenghui and Zhang Yang (who was later confirmed to have committed suicide) were dissatisfied with Xi’s military reforms. Perhaps the best indicator that Xi is genuinely worried about internal resistance is the inclusion of CMC Discipline Inspection chief Zhang Shengmin in a downsized CMC.

China vs. The United States: The Gap

The PLA should become a modernized fighting force if Xi is successful in implementing his reforms, but it will unlikely surpass the U.S. military in a conventional skirmish.

Every year, America spends 3.3 percent of its GDP (about $611 billion in 2016) to develop and maintain a military force that is widely regarded as the strongest in the world. In terms of equipment, the U.S. military has 10 aircraft carriers, combat-proven vehicles like the M1 Abrams tank and the Apache helicopter, next-generation fighter jets like the F-35, advanced military communications satellites, and about 6,800 nuclear warheads. There are about 1.3 million active-duty personnel, of which under 200,000 are deployed overseas. Training standards and professionalism are high, and U.S. troops have participated in conflicts around the world since World War II.

In contrast, China spends just 1.9 percent of its GDP (about $216 billion in 2016) on its military. China’s defense ministry acknowledges a “definite gap” between the PLA’s military technology and that of other developed countries. For instance, China’s maiden aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, is a refurbished Soviet-era steam turbine vessel, while the PLA’s next-generation fighter jet, the J-31, lacks an advanced engine to fly at the supersonic speeds of an F-35. The Type 99 is a modern main battle tank, but it hasn’t been combat-tested. And except for a handful of senior commanders who fought in China’s disastrous war against Vietnam in 1979, most of the PLA’s 2 million-strong military is lacking in combat experience. Worse, the PLA has to overcome a severe professionalism problem: Under Jiang Zemin’s era of dominance (1997-2012), senior military officials had to bribe their way up the ranks, training exercises were routine and conducted for show and profit, and the military had a problem with binge drinking.

Bypassing the Gap

To match or even surpass the United States, the modernized PLA will resort to the unconventional means that it has already been experimenting with in recent years.
In his bestselling book The Hundred-Year Marathon, Pentagon consultant Michael Pillsbury described simulated war games between the American military and the PLA where the Chinese side “was the victor” whenever it “employed Assassin’s Mace methods.” Assassin’s Mace, or shashoujian, are weaponry that the PLA has developed to cripple or bypass technologically superior militaries. Such weaponry includes anti-satellite and anti-aircraft carrier missiles, high-powered microwave and electromagnetic pulse weapons, and radar jammers. Because Assassin’s Mace weapons are far cheaper than carriers or next-generation fighter jets, they are a cost-effective way for the PLA to gain an advantage over more powerful militaries that rely on satellites, networks, and the internet for communications.

Getting China-manufactured components into the high-tech military hardware of other countries is another way that the PLA can gain an edge. Microchips made in China are known to be counterfeit in some cases or actual spyware in others. In 2010, the U.S. Navy found that it had bought 59,000 fake computer microchipsfrom China. These chips were meant for use in missiles, fighter planes, warships, and other equipment. Reutersreported in 2014 that the Pentagon had approved the use of Chinese magnets in the construction of the F-35’s sensitive hardware. In the best case scenario, the made-in-China parts work as advertised and no harm is done. In the worst case scenario, the Chinese parts could cause catastrophic system failure or serve as surveillance devices for the PLA.

Perhaps more disturbing is what the PLA could potentially develop. Stuart Russell, an artificial intelligence scientist at the University of California in Berkeley, released a short film on November 13 which highlighted the devastating capabilities of fictional autonomous “slaughter bots” — using tiny weaponized AI drones, malicious figures eliminate politicians and activists in broad daylight. Russell’s vision of the future is stark, but China could make it a reality. Presently, China is at the forefront of drone manufacturing and has a sizable slice of the civilian drone market (Dajiang Innovation alone has 70 percent of the global market share). Meanwhile, Beijing plans to spend $100 billion to grow its semiconductor industry under a Made in China 2025 program. It is not inconceivable that the PLA could eventually develop advanced AI-powered drones and put them to use, even if their ethical use becomes a concern. The CCP has proven that it has no scruples about crushing “anti-revolutionaries” (political opponents, students at Tiananmen, ethnic minorities, and religious groups), and its military will likewise pursue asymmetrical hybrid warfare tactics to achieve its ends against external foes.

Finally, the PLA is a legitimate cybersecurity threat. In recent years, PLA cyber units have successfully breached the networks of U.S. businesses, infrastructure companies, and the government. In May 2014, the U.S. Justice Department announced indictments against five members of the former General Staff Department’s Unit 61398 for hacking Westinghouse Electric, the United States Steel Corporation, and other companies. Chinese hackers backed by the state also allegedly breached the computer system of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, compromising the private data of its 4 million current and former government employees. Militaries that rely on cyber networks for communications may find their operations severely hampered in a conflict with the PLA.

This year, four U.S. Navy vessels were involved in collisions in the East China Sea. Internal investigations indicated that crew negligence was to blame. But the particularly severe collisions of destroyers USS Fitzgeraldand the USS John S. McCain with commercial ships, as well as the frequency and close timing of the accidents, have led government investigators and technology experts to consider the possibility of the warships being targeted by cyber attacks. If cyber sabotage is indeed a reason for the collisions, then the PLA is suspect.


Xi Jinping’s military reforms appear to draw inspiration from the U.S. military, and serve the dual purpose of modernizing the PLA and consolidating his control over the CCP. A modernized PLA will unlikely surpass the United States in a conventional engagement, but the outcome will scale toward the PLA if it uses unconventional tactics and weapons. In this scenario, the PLA is set to become the largest “American” military force to pose a threat to the U.S.

*Translated by Larry Ong.
Don Tse is the CEO and co-founder of SinoInsider Consulting LLC, a consulting and research company based in New York City.

*Larry Ong is a senior analyst with SinoInsider Consulting LLC.

Photo: Chinese soldiers shout slogans as Chinese President Xi Jinping inspects the troops of People's Liberation Army (PLA) Hong Kong Garrison (June 30, 2017).
Image Credit: AP Photo/Kin Cheung

6 reasons to visit East Timor - you will love it

6 reasons to visit East Timor - you will love it

Diving, whale-watching, trekking, biking, great scenery, stunning mountain driving and beautiful white-sand beaches. East Timor is one of the world's unsung tourism destinations.

Tourist numbers are low compared with other places in the region, with visitors perhaps put off by the country's politically unsettled and impoverished image; which contributes to a dearth of flights into Dili, the capital; which in turn drives prices up and inhibits visitor numbers; which in turn keeps flight prices high; which in turn ... you get the idea.

But slowly, visitors are recognizing the appeal of East Timor.

So, if you want to try something new yet still enjoy the conventional sun, sea and sand with an adventurous twist, Asia's "newest nation" -- it gained independence in May 2002 -- is worth a look.

Spectacular diving

"Oh, Timor dumps all over Thailand for diving," says Greg Duncan, dive instructor and boat skipper at Dive Timor Lorosae. He should know, after previously working for two years on Ko Tao, a diving hub in southern Thailand.

"A lot of places in the region -- off Australia, Malaysia -- are over-dived," he says. "Not here."

On a sunny Sunday morning I join Greg and a group of seven divers on a boat trip to a new site not far from Dili. "These guys are almost certainly the first people ever to dive down there," claims Duncan.

During a 40-minute dive the group sees small sharks, tuna, turtles, mackerel and barracuda -- all along a submerged ridge running off the coast near Tibar.

Another good dive spot is Atauro Island, 20 kilometers by boat from Dili harbor. En route you might see schools of dolphins fishing in the water or racing alongside the water-taxi, while in October and November humpbacks and sometimes sperm whales surface off the coast.

There are more places to dive, however, both east and west of Dili, with untouched coral reefs to explore.

Beaches you can call your own

The jewel in the country's crown is Jaco Island, the easternmost point in East Timor, a six-hour drive from Dili through green hills and winding, elevated coastal roads overlooking steep drops to the blue water below.

There are plenty of white-sand beaches close to the capital too, notably Areia Branca (Portuguese for "white sands") and Dollar Beach. These beaches can get crowded at weekends, but there are many other pristine beaches east and west of Dili that are usually empty.

You need to bring supplies if visiting a quieter beach, but if you are not feeling so Alexander Selkirk, Areia Branca has plenty of bars and restaurants near the water, so you can dine on fresh fish washed down with a beer or fresh coconut, after a swim or a cycle.

The south coast is risky, however, with an abundance of large saltwater crocodiles meaning that the good surf there should be avoided.

Operasaun Garuda Air Lines Sei Lansa Semana Oin

Operasaun Garuda Air Lines Sei Lansa Semana Oin

DILI, (TATOLI) – Vise-Ministru Obra Públika, Transporte no Telekomunikasaun, Inácio Morreira, hatete semana oin sei lansa operasaun aviaun Garuda Air Lines hodi halo viajen ho rute Dili-Kupan no Kupan-Dili.

“Alende TransNusa ne’ebé ohin hahú halo operasaun, kuarta semana oin sei halo tan lansamentu ba operasaun operadór seluk ne’ebé halo mós rute hanesan, depois ita sei haree dokumentu legál balun atu bele halo rute Kupan-Dili-Darwin ba mai”, hatutan vise-ministru liuhusi konferénsia imprensa iha aeroportu internasionál Nicolau Lobato Komoro.

Governante ne’e hatutan la iha manipulasaun ruma tanba sei iha kompetisaun. “Ko’alia kona-ba kustu, bainhira kompete ona automatikamente sei hatudu loloos kustu ne’ebé razoável, apropriadu, ne’e mak ha’u hakarak hato’o”, katak tan.

Garuda Air Lines hanesan transporte aereo nasionál Indonézia nian ne’ebé hahú operasaun dezde 28 dezembru 1949 no dadaun ne’e eskritóriu sentrál iha Jakarta Indonézia.

Jornalista: Rafy Belo | Editora: Rita Almeida

Imajen: Vise-Ministru Obra Públika, Transporte no Telekomunikasaun, Inácio Morreira, organiza konferénsia imprensa. Foto TATOLI: Egas Cristovão
Koperasaun Bilaterál TL-Xina Metin Liután

Koperasaun Bilaterál TL-Xina Metin Liután

DILI, (TATOLI) – Komandante ró ospitál militár no kontra almirante Xina, Guan Bailin, hateten koperasaun bilaterál entre Xina ho Timor-Leste kontinua metin liután.

“Ami halo enkontru ho Prezidente Repúblika hodi esplika kona-ba ami nia vizita durante iha Timor-Leste hodi fó tratamentu saúde ba povuʺ, dehan Guan ba jornalista sira iha Palásiu Prezidente Bairo Pité, hafoin hasoru malu ho Xefe Estadu, Francisco Guterres Lú Olo, ohin.

Nia hatutan durante hasoru malu, ulun boot Estadu TL mós relata kona-ba koperasaun bilaterál entre nasaun rua.

“Prezidente mós esplika ba ami sobre koperasaun bilaterál entre nasaun rua no Prezidente hateten ho visita ne’e sei dezenvolve líutan koperasaun amizade entre Nasaun ruaʺ, tenik. Hodi hatutan sei servisu di’ak liután hodi fó tratamentu ba povu.

Jornalista: Agapito dos Santos | Editora: Rita Almeida
Kilat Lakon, Laiha Impaktu ba Estabilidade Seguransa

Kilat Lakon, Laiha Impaktu ba Estabilidade Seguransa

DILI - Komandante jeral Polisia Nasional Timor Leste (PNTL) Komisariu Julio da Costa Hornai fiar katak kilat neebe lakon ho marka AK-33, sei lafo impaktu ba estabilidade seguransa rai laran. Tanba polisia sei buka tuir nafatin kilat refere.

Kestaun nee Komandante jeral PNTL, Komisariu Julio Hornai ba jornalista sira, depois remata enkontru semanal ho Prezidente Republika Fracisco Guterres Lú Olo, iha Palasiu Prezidensial Bairo-Pite, Dili Sesta, (15/12/2017).

“Tuir lei katak sou ema seguransa PNTL no F-FDTL mak bele iha direitu kaer kilat. Maibe husu moos ba komunidade sira atu hetan kilat nee iha imi nia fatin karik informa ba forsa rua nee atu foti fali. Maibe ami moos informa katak kilat neebe lakon sei lafo inpaktu ba estabilidade rai laran,” dehan Komisariu Julio.

Nia dehan enkontru neebe halao ho PR hanesan ajenda semanal babain no atu informa ba Prezidente konaba situasaun enjeral iah teritoriu Timor laran tomak. Situasaun enjeral iha Timor lao diak no hakmatek tanba hetan koloborasaun diak husi parte komunidade sira durante nee.

Konaba kilat lakon parte PNTL mos hetan ona karta despaisu husi Ministru Defeza no
Seguransa Jose Agostino Sequeira Somotxo. Tanba nee husu ba komunidade sira atu hetan kilat nee nia paraderu karik ba lalais informa ba parte seguransa atu asegura lalais. 

Justinho Manuel | Suara Timor Lorosae
Parlamentu timoroan hahú fali plenáriu iha loron-segunda hodi debate Orsamentu Retifikativu

Parlamentu timoroan hahú fali plenáriu iha loron-segunda hodi debate Orsamentu Retifikativu

Parlamentu Nasional timoroan hahú fali, iha loron-segunda oinmai, plenáriu sira, ne'ebé la hala'o dezde loron 20 Novembru, hodi debate iha jeneralidade no espesialidade Orsamentu Retifikativu, ne'ebé kritikadu hosi opozisaun maioritáriu.

Debate loron rua iha jeneralidade no loron tolu iha espesialidade marka ona hafoin semana hirak nia laran iha tensaun polítikaa entre bankada sira ne'ebé apoia Governu: Frente Revolucionária do Timor-Leste Independente (Fretilin) ho Partidu Demokrátiku (PD) no partidu opozisaun tolu: Congresso Nacional da Reconstrução Timorense (CNRT), Partidu Libertasaun Popular (PLP) ho Kmanek Haburas Unidade Nacional Timor Oan (KHUNTO), ne'ebé kontrola fatin 35 hosi fatin 65 iha parlamentu.

Kritika hosi opozisaun, ne'ebé tenta trava nia tramitasaun, Orsamentu Retifikativu debate hela iha nível komisaun sira, ne'ebé ho opiniaun téknika hosi Komisaun C, hosi Finansa Públika nian, hetan xumbu.

Teresinha Viegas, "númeru rua" hosi bankada hosi partidu boot opozisaun nian, CNRT, esplika ba Lusa katak opozisaun kritika testu ne'e tanba falta konteúdu (inklui obrigasaun legal sira) no mós ba momentu.

"Ministru Finansa rasik rekoñese ona falta utilidade balun hosi Orsamentu Retifikativu (OR) ne'e tanba hakotu ezekusaun orsamental rasik iha loron-sesta, 15 Dezembru", nia esplika.

Deputada esplika ona katak Governu mós la kumpri rekizitu tomak ne'ebé maka lei haruka, inklui kona-ba levantamentu adisional ne'ebé maka sei presiza hosi Fundu Petrolíferu.

"Maski hosi vota kontra opiniaun ne'e la limita diskusaun iha plenáriu ne'ebé bele akontese ho opiniaun ka la'e. Desidi ona iha konferénsia hosi líder sira maka markasaun loron rua ba debate iha jeneralidade no loron tolu ba espesialidade", nia hatete.

Teresinha Viegas konfirma ona katak nia bankada aprezenta mós pedidu ida, "tuir permiti iha rejimentu", hodi inklui iha ajenda loron nian debate kona-ba dokumentu tolu ne'ebé maka opozisaun hakarak diskuti.

Hanesan rekursu hasoru tramitasaun hosi Orsamentu Estadu, proposta sensura ida hasoru Governu no proposta ida hodi demiti prezidente Parlamentu Nasional.

Bankada sira koligasaun nian insisti atu asuntu sira ne'e tuir loloos labele tama iha ajenda iha loron ne'ebé diskuti Orsamentu Retifikativu.

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Opozisaun timoroan akuza prezidente Parlamentu impede serbisu sira

Opozisaun timoroan akuza prezidente Parlamentu impede serbisu sira

Partidu boot hosi opozisaun timoroan nian akuza ona prezidente Parlamentu hodi kontinua impede serbisu parlamentu sira, hodi trava proposta hosi nia demisaun rasik, monta "drama polítiku" hodi tenta "sai hanesan vítima".

Dionísio Babo, deputadu hosi Congresso Nacional da Reconstrução Timorense (CNRT) no eis-ministru hosi anterior Governu, konsidera ona "iróniku" tanba prezidente Parlamentu nian tenta kestiona konstitusionalidade hosi mudansa rejimental sira ne'ebé nia rasik apoia ona.

"Ne'e hanesan ironia. Mudansa sira ne'e halo antes saída hosi anterior prezidente Parlamentu nian no apoia hosi bankada tomak inklui Fretilin [Frente Revolucionária de Timor-Leste Independente]. No agora, tanba situasaun atual, husu revizaun hosi konstitusionalidade", nia hatete ba Lusa.

Iha komunikadu ne'ebé fahe iha pájina Facebook, CNRT hatete katak Aniceto Guterres Lopes viola nafatin rejimentu, bainhira la ajenda sesaun plenáriu sira, hodi evita atu debate proposta sensura hasoru Governu no proposta ba demisaun prezidente Parlamentu nian.

Iha nota, CNRT kritika desizaun hosi prezidente Parlamentu Nasional hodi aprezenta, iha inísiu semana nian, providénsia kautelar ida iha Tribunal Distrital Díli "lahó impendimentu", hodi tenta trava destituisaun.

Partidu boot hosi opozisaun timoroan kritika mos desizaun hosi Aniceto Guterres Lopes hodi lori ba Tribunal Rekursu pedidu ida fiskalizasaun hosi konstitusionalidade hosi mudansa ne'ebé aprova ona iha tinan liubá ba rejimentu hosi parlamentu hodi permiti demisaun hosi prezidente asembleia nian.

Mudansa sira ne'e aprova ona iha fulan-Maiu tinan liubá, hodi permiti afastamentu hosi prezidente parlamentu iha tempu ne'ebá, Vicente da Silva Guterres, no hetan ona apoiu hosi Fretilin, partidu ne'ebé maka, iha tempu ne'ebé, Aniceto Guterres Lopes maka sai nu'udar xefe bankada.

"Ha'u hanoin katak ne'e hanesan prosedimentu internu hosi Parlamentu no ha'u fiar katak depende tomak hosi konfiansa polítika hosi deputadu sira no ha'u la hatene katak sei efeitu suspensivu ka la'e", Babo konsidera.

Iha komunikadu, CNRT repete akuzasaun sira ne'ebé halo iha proposta demisaun nian, hodi konsidera katak prezidente Parlamentu la hala'o nia funsaun sira ho imparsialidade. Partidu akuza ona Guterres ba violasaun hosi Konstituisaun tanba permiti tramitasaun hosi Orsamentu Retifikativu maski Governu la aprezenta fali programa.

CNRT protesta mós desizaun hosi Aniceto Guterres Lopes hodi kontinua lahó markasaun ba reuniaun plenáriu sira Parlamentu nain, maski pedidu oioin ne'ebé halo hosi partidu opozisaun tolu, ne'ebé kontrola maioria fatin iha parlamentu, kona-ba asuntu. No akuza mós prezidente Parlamentu trava ajendamentu hosi proposta sensura hasoru ezektuivu, hosi rekursu ba desizaun tramitasaun hosi orsamentu no hosi proposta destituisaun nian.

Babo rejeita ona argumentu sira hosi prezidente katak "hanesan prátika" hodi suspende atividade plenáriu sira bainhira halo tramitasaun ba Orsamentu Estadu, hodi konsidera katak "ne'e la'ós hanesan norma ida" no nia aplikasaun depende hosi sirkunstánsia sira.

"Ne'e hanesan de'it asaun ida hosi opsaun iha pasadu, maibé prinsipal maka iha relasaun ho kestaun sira ne'ebé ladún iha importánsia. Agora proposta [sensura nian] rasik ne'e hanesan asuntu seluk, importante tebes tanba iha relasaun ho funsaun hosi órgaun sira soberania nian no funsionamentu hosi Parlamentu rasik", nia afirma.

"Tanba ne'e tenki konsidera situasaun ho dalan la hanesan ho pasadu. Prátika depende hosi situasaun", nia konsidera.

Hatán kona-ba saida maka opozisaun halo bainhira prezidente kontinua la halo markasaun ba reuniaun plenáriu sira (ida ikus halo iha 20 Novembru), Babo hatete katak desizaun iha bankada sira nia liman ne'ebé "sei kontinua atua ho respeitu ba Konstituisaun no ba rejimentu".

"Ne'e la'ós de'it teste ida ba demokrasia, maibé mós ba prosesu pedagójiku no edukativu ba ita nia povu. Importante maka rezolve iha Konstituisaun no rejimentu nia laran", nia refere.

Iha komunikadu, CNRT protesta kona-ba asaun ne'ebé sira bolu hanesan "poder omnipotente" hosi Fretilin, "ne'ebé kontrola Governu, Prezidénsia Repúblika no prezidénsia hosi parlamentu nasional" no eziji atu asuntu sira ne'ebé seidauk rezolve tenki diskuti iha plenáriu parlamentar.

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Prezidente timoroan apela ba kombate hasoru pobreza iha nasaun

Prezidente timoroan apela ba kombate hasoru pobreza iha nasaun

Kombate hasoru pobreza ne'ebé sei afeta parte importante ida hosi populasaun iha Timor-Leste tenki hanesan "prioridade ida" hosi Estadu, ne'ebé tenki buka hametin direitu sosial sira hosi sidadaun sira, defende hosi Prezidente timoroan nian iha loron-sesta ne'e.

"Ita seidauk hatán ba problema pobreza nian. Estadu seidauk asegura direitu sosial tomak", Francisco Guterres Lu-Olo hatete, iha Díli, iha serimónia entrega Prémiu Sérgio Vieira de Mello ba Direitu Ema nian ba edisaun 2017 nian.

"Dever hodi harii moris digna ida, lahó pobreza, ba ema tomak, seidauk realiza. Agora tenki sai hanesan prioridade hosi maun-alin no inan-feton tomak iha rai dober ne'ebé maka ita liberta ona no sai ona independente", nia afirma.

Kestaun sira hanesan saúde ho moris di'ak, asesu ba alimentasaun di'ak, hatais, habitasaun no serbisu sosial sira, protesaun iha serbisu ho aspetu sira seluk hanesan prioridade iha área ne'e, nia defende.

"Direitu ema sira nian ne'e seidauk garanti iha ita nia rain. Hanesan ita nia dever, dever Estadu nian, no hosi sidadaun sira, ita serbisu hamutuk hodi realiza direitu ema nian sira ne'e ho urjénsia. Iha nafatin falta barak no pobreza barak iha ita nia rain", nia afirma.

"Debate polítiku hanesan importante. Maibé investe osan hos Orsamentu Estadu nian hodi garanti asesu ba bee-moos iha nasaun tomak ne'e hanesan importante tebes. No ita seidauk halo asaun ne'e", nia konsidera.

"Uza direitu polítiku sira lahó serbisu hodi hadi'a Direitu Ema sira nian iha área sosial no ekonomia nian hanesan aat tebes no hanesan kontra moras no valor tradisional sira Timor-Leste nian. Ita labele adia tan investimentu hosi Estadu hodi hakotu ho pobreza", nia konsidera.

Kona-ba situasaun polítika atual, Lu-Olo husu fali diálogu ida no esforsu maka'as ida hodi defende kestaun sira ne'e.

"Ita labele permiti atu interese partikular sira, polítiku sira, partidáriu sira ka ema sira estraga ita nia objetivu nasional sira no estraga ita nia nasaun. Ha'u apela ba konsiénsia - no ba fuan - hosi ema tomak hodi ita serbisu hamutuk no realiza direitu báziku ema nian iha área sosial no ekonómiku, serbisu hamutuk hodi hametin iha ita nia nasaun Estadu honestu ida no nasaun ida ne'ebé laiha pobreza", nia hatete.

"Polítika hosi ita nia nasaun independente tenki hanesan polítika ida ba ema hotu nia di'ak, polítika ida valor nian. Ita iha dever hodi realiza valor sira ne'ebé maka hetan sakrifísiu hosi asuwa'in sira, rezistente sira no veteranu sira", nia konsidera.

Tinan ne'e, prémiu iha kategoria hosi Direitu Sosial sira, Ekonómiku sira ho Kultural sira hetan hosi Sentru Esperança ba Feto (apoiu ba feto sira) no ba sidadaun timoroan sira José Borges da Costa, Arsénio da Silva ho António Caleres Junior.

João Teodósio Ximenes hetan rekoñesimentu iha kategoria Direitu Sivil ho Polítiku, tanba hasoru, dezde tempu okupasaun indonéziu, "perigu sira, promove ezersísiu hosi direitu sivil no polítiku no reforsu hosi Justisa, iha distritu balun iha nasaun", no "hafoin restaurasaun independénsia nian, nia kontinua nafatin ho ativizmu hodi hametin no promove Justisa".

Borges da Costa hetan rekoñesimentu tanba "serbisu iha promosaun ba asesu ba Edukasaun hosi joven sira ne'ebé laiha posibilidade iha Aileu", Arsénio Pereira da Silva hetan rekoñesimentu tanba "organiza no mobiliza agrikultór sira hodi defende sira nia direitu no hodi aumenta seguransa no autosufisiénsia hahán nian".

António Caleres Junios hetan rekoñesimentu tanba ativizmu iha apoiu "ba kombatente sira durante luta, liuliu iha kazu moras nian", no kontinua dezde independénsia "serbisu permanente ida hodi promove saúde públika".

Sentru Esperança da Mulher "hala'o serbisu importante tebes ida iha protesaun ba feto sira no ba labarik sira hasoru violénsia, iha Covalima, liuliu iha Suai", apoia, hamutuk ho madre sira hosi Misionáriu Servas do Espírito Santos, feto sira hodi "hadi'a sira nia situasaun ekonómiku".

Prémiu sira, ida-idak ho folin dolár rihun 10, rekoñese sidadaun timoroan sira no estranjeiru sira, organizasaun governamental no la'ós governamntal ne'ebé destaka iha promosaun, defeza no divulgasaun hosi direitu ema nian iha Timor-Leste.

Kria iha loron 18 Marsu 2009 hosi antigu xefe Estadu timoroan José Ramos-Horte no hakarak asinala mós, tinan-tinan, Loron Direitu Ema nian.

Objetivu hosi inisiativa ne'e maka rekoñese serbisu ne'ebé hala'o hosi brazileiru Sérgio Vieira de Mello nu'udar xefe Misaun ONU nian hosi Administrasaun Tranzitóriu iha Timor-Leste, entre fulan-Novembru 1999 no Maiu 2002.

Diplomata brazileiru mate iha loron 19 Agostu 2003, vítima hosi atentadu ida iha Irake, hafoin tau tiha, tuir destaka hosi Lu-Olo iha loron-sesta ne'e "nia kualidade extraordináriu sira no nia kapasidade sira nu'udar diplomata (...) ba serbisu hosi komunidade internasional no ba dame, sai nune'e hanesan ideal loloos ida hosi ONU".

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Forte sismo na Indonésia causou pelo menos um morto

Forte sismo na Indonésia causou pelo menos um morto

Jacarta, 15 dez (Lusa) - Um forte sismo de magnitude 6,5 na escala de Richter atingiu hoje Jacarta e outras cidades da ilha de Java, na Indonésia, causando pelo menos um morto, com as autoridades a anunciarem que vários edifícios colapsaram.

O sismo causou um aviso de tsunami para várias zonas costeiras de Java, mas o aviso acabou por ser levantando cerca de duas horas depois da ocorrência.

Em pânico, as pessoas saíram apressadamente dos edifícios e, em muitas áreas, a televisão do país mostrou grandes engarrafamentos nas estradas à medida que muitas populares estavam a tentar sair das regiões costeiras.

Um homem de 62 anos é, até ao momento, a única vítima mortal confirmada, na zona oeste de Java, mas existem relatos de mais vítimas mortais e feridos na região, anunciou o porta-voz da Agência Nacional de Mitigação de Desastres, Sutopo Purwo Nugroho.

O responsável afirmou que edifícios colapsaram ou sofreram danos em várias cidades de Java.

O Serviço Geológico dos Estados Unidos (USGS) divulgou que o abalo atingiu o país antes da meia-noite de hoje, hora local (cerca das 17:00 em Lisboa), a aproximadamente 91 quilómetros de profundidade.

A Indonésia está localizada no chamado "Anel do Fogo do Pacífico" e tem terramotos e erupções vulcânicas com alguma frequência.

AJO // ARA | Foto EPA
Oposição timorense apela ao presidente do Parlamento para que “cumpra funções”

Oposição timorense apela ao presidente do Parlamento para que “cumpra funções”

O porta-voz da aliança da oposição timorense, Taur Matan Ruak, apelou ontem "insistentemente" ao presidente do Parlamento Nacional para que "cumpra as suas funções" e agende sessões plenárias, que não se realizam desde 20 de novembro.

Em declarações aos jornalistas, o porta-voz da Aliança de Maioria Parlamentar (AMP) manifestou-se ainda "preocupadíssimo" com o facto de Aniceto Guterres Lopes ter esta semana invocado "razões de segurança" para adiar o debate no plenário.

"Estou preocupadíssimo, a AMP esta preocupadíssima com a posição do senhor presidente, sobretudo quando invoca a questão da segurança como justificação para não realizar a plenária como deve fazer todas as segundas e terças feiras", afirmou.
"As bancadas da AMP têm orientações para insistir junto do senhor presidente para nos explicar se há algum plano para desestabilizar o país. Se há, naturalmente, a nossa bancada vai ter que insistiu junto do comandante da polícia para tomar medidas sérias", disse.

Questionado pela Lusa, Matan Ruak reagia assim a declarações proferidas na quinta-feira pelo presidente do Parlamento Nacional, Aniceto Guterres Lopes, à saída de um encontro com o Presidente de Timor-Leste, de que teria que adiar por motivos de segurança o debate do Orçamento Retificativo.

Sem apresentar detalhes, o presidente do parlamento disse ter "factos e informações concretas" sobre a "situação de segurança, relativamente à situação política que recomendavam adiar o debate na generalidade e na especialidade do documento.

"O senhor presidente do Parlamento Nacional é a segunda figura mais importante da nação. Ao invocar a segurança está a mostrar aos cidadãos que este país não tem capacidade para garantir a segurança dos seus cidadãos e sobretudo dos deputados", afirmou.

"Eu estou aflito e estou preocupadíssimo. Espero e apelo em nome da coligação para que senhor presidente do Parlamento cumpra as suas funções de acordo com as regras que existem, o regimento e as leis", afirmou.

Matan Ruak falava em conferência de imprensa na sede do Congresso Nacional da Reconstrução Timorense (CNRT), depois dos três partidos da AMP terem realizado cerimónias idênticas, com o hastear das três bandeiras nas três sedes partidárias.

Responsáveis dos três partidos - Congresso Nacional da Reconstrução Timorense (CNRT), Partido Libertação Popular (PLP) e Kmanek Haburas Unidade Nacional Timor Oan (KHUNTO) - participaram nos encontros que decorreram na sexta-feira de manhã, em Díli, e se vão repetir agora em todo o país.

Os encontros decorreram num momento de tensão política entre a oposição maioritária e a coligação do Governo - formada pela Frente Revolucionária do Timor-Leste Independente (Fretilin) e pelo Partido Democrático (PD) - e a possibilidade de queda do executivo, alvo de uma moção de censura.

O Parlamento tem estado praticamente bloqueado nas últimas semanas, com o presidente a recusar agendar sessões de plenária - como disse ter sido prática no passado - por estar em debate o Orçamento Retificativo, posição que a oposição contesta.

A oposição apresentou um recurso à decisão de tramitação do orçamento, uma moção de censura ao Governo e uma proposta de destituição do próprio presidente do Parlamento ainda por debater.

Aniceto Guterres apresentou uma providência cautelar no Tribunal de Díli em defesa da sua honra, tendo pedido a fiscalização constitucional, ao Tribunal de Recurso, dos artigos do regimento (alterados no ano passado) que permitem a destituição do presidente do parlamento.

"O Presidente da República é um homem lúcido, inteligente e o 'número um' da nação. Não vai cair numa armadilha criada por um presidente do Parlamento Nacional que está a fugir das suas responsabilidades, que é, no fundo, irresponsável", afirmou Taur Matan Ruak.

Lusa | em SAPO TL
CNRT-PLP-KHUNTO Hasa’e Bandeira Hamutuk

CNRT-PLP-KHUNTO Hasa’e Bandeira Hamutuk

DILI, (TATOLI) - Partidu Kongresu Nasionál Rekonstrusaun Timorese (CNRT), Partidu Libertasaun Popular (PLP) KHUNTO ohin, Sesta (15/12) ofisiálmente hasa’e bandeira tolu hamutuk iha sede CNRT, Bairru Grilos.

Iha serimónia ne’e Vice Prezidente Partidu CNRT, Tomas Cabral esplika serimónia hasa’e bandeira hosi Aliansa Maioria Parlamentár (AMP) hanesan símbolu atu hatudu ba Timoroan tomak hodi liu dalan loos atu ukun rai ida ne’e ho dalan konstitusionál.

“Ohin Aliansa Maioria Parlamentár (AMP) hasa’e bandeira iha Sede CNRT, aban no bainrua sei isar bandeira iha munisípiu to’o postu administrativu katak hamutuk hodi hametin unidade nasionál, respeita no defende konstituisaun RDTL nune’e bele atinje dezenvolvimentu nasionál 2011 to’o 2030,” Kuartu Vise Prezidente Partidu CNRT, Thomas Cabral iha nia intervensaun ba serimónia solene isar bandeira hosi AMP ho bandeira kada partidu polítiku nian iha Sede CNRT, Sesta (15/12).

Sinál hasa’e bandeira hamutuk ne’e mós hatudu katak AMP konsistente hodi defende nafatin interese bloku no interese povu atu bele asegura boa governasaun no estabelese pás, estabilidade iha rai Timor.

“Ha’u lori estrutura partidu hosi nasionál to’o munisípiu atu fó parabéns ba deputadu 35 ne’ebé afirma sira nia an iha parlamentu nasionál (PN) hodi mantein sira nia pozisaun, ami fó konfiansa tomak ba imi hodi defende interese reprezentasaun povu iha PN) katak nia,” Tomas gaba deputadu AMP.

Iha fatin hanesan Konselleiru Másimu Partidu KHUNTO, Naimori Bucar afirma liu tan katak daudaun ne’e AMP sólidu eh forte tebes iha lasu unidade, solidariedade, iha vontade no empeñu hanesan maun alin ba projetu polítiku komún ida hodi promove dezenvolvimentu no moris di’ak povu nian hanesan prontidaun atu hasoru kualkér dezafiu polítika ne’ebé mai hosi planu governu.

Serimónia isar bandeira ne’e hetan partisipasaun hosi Porta Vóz AMP, Taur Matan Ruak. Iha biban hanesan, Taur Matan Ruak dehan, AMP disponivel nafatin atu ba forma VIII Governu enkuantu Prezidente Repúblika, Francisco Guterres “Lu-OLO” foti desizaun hodi fó ba partidu CNRT ho nia aliadu sira.

“Ha’u hanesan porta vóz AMP, iha enkontru ikus ne’ebé ha’u halo ho na’i Prezidente Repúblika, Lu-Olo ha’u hateten, solusaun ba impase polítika iha rua mak solusaun polítika no solusaun konstitusionál,” Taur Matan Ruak konta tuir rezultadu enkontru ho Prezidente Lú Olo iha fulan kotuk liu ba iha ámbitu dialog ne’ebé realiza hosi Prezidente Repúblika rasik.

Nia dehan bainhira Prezidente entrega ba AMP, Taur garante AMP sei garante estabilidade governativa inklui Parlamentu Nasionál.

Jornalista: Zezito Silva | Editór: Manuel Pinto
Lei Bandu Ema Sivíl Kaer Arma

Lei Bandu Ema Sivíl Kaer Arma

DILI, (TATOLI) – Komisáriu Polísia Nasionál Timor-Leste (PNTL), Júlio Hornay, hateten lei bandu ema sivíl atu kaer arma, tanba ne’e husu ba povu hodi  apoiu informasaun ba PNTL no F-FDTL bainhira identifika kilat 10 ne’ebé lakon iha krize polítika 2006.

“Lei la fó dalan atu kualker ema kaer armaʺ, hatutan ba jornalista sira iha Palásiu Prezidensiál Bairo Pité bainhira informa situasaun seguransa ba Prezidente Repúblika, Francisco Guterres Lú Olo, ohin.

Parte PNTL simu ona despasu hosi Ministru Defeza no Seguransa, Agustinho Sequera Somoxto, hodi husu apoiu povu hodi rekolla arma ne’ebé lakon.

“Ministru haruka ona despasu, karik ema ruma hetan, haree no asegura husu para voluntariamente entrega ba instituisaun PNTL no F-FDTLʺ, hatutan.

Pistola ho tipu blok no kilat AK 33  maka  lakon durante krize 2006. Maibé, komisaríu ne’e promete sei esforsu hodi  rekolla.

ʺIta buka nafatin hodi deskobre paradeiru kilat hirak ne’ebé lakon hodi tau fali iha ninia fatin”, afirma.

Mesmu nune’e, sei la amesa situasaun seguransa iha rai laran. “Lalika tauk ida, tanba la fó impaktu situasaun seguransaʺ, garante.

Jornalista: Agapito dos Santos | Editora: Rita Almeida

Imajen: Komisariu PNTL, Julio Hornai

sexta-feira, 15 de dezembro de 2017

PNTL Prontu Garante Seguransa Diskusaun OR

PNTL Prontu Garante Seguransa Diskusaun OR

DILI - Polisia Nasional Timor Leste prontu ona atu asegura no garante seguransa ba deputadu sira neebe halo diskusaun ba Orsamentu Ratifikativu neebe halao iha Parlamentu Nasional Segunda (18/12/2017). Maibe husu mos parte PN atu hadia kamera CC-TV neebe iha.

Lia fuan hirak nee hatoo husi Komandante PNTL, Komisariu Julio da Costa Hornai ba jornalista sira depois remata inkontru semanal ho Prezidente Republika Francisco Guterres Lú Olo iha Palasiu Prezidensial Bairo-Pite Dili Sesta, (15/12/2017).

“Ami prontu atu asegura no halo seguransa iha parlamentu nasional durante debate orsamentu OR iha loron segunda mai. Maibe ami moos husu atu paralmentu nasional beele hadia didiak konaba funsionamentu kamera CC-TV iha Parlamentu,” dehan nia.

Tanba nee maka husu ba PN atu hadi no funsiona hikas kamera CC-TV neebe iha neeba atu beele fasilita polisia sira nia servisu durante diskusaun iha PN. Tanba nee husu ba depudaus no politika nain sira atu halo diskusaun ba no desidi ba konaba orsamentu ratifikativu neebe governu hatoo ba PN.

Tanba parte Polisia Nasional Timor Leste prontu atu asegura seguransa iha parlamentu nasional durante debate orsamentu ratifikativu neebe sei halao iha loron Segunda mai. Atu nunee beele asegura diak liu tan ba politiku nain sira atu halo debate no desidi iha diskusaun orsamentu ratifikativu nian iha parlamentu neeba. 

Justinho Manuel | Suara Timor Lorosae
Alkatiri: “Hau Mak Sala Lori Minarai Tama Timor”

Alkatiri: “Hau Mak Sala Lori Minarai Tama Timor”

DILI – Primeiru Ministru Mari Alkatiri hateten, Timor Leste rai bokur, maibe husik hela ninia povu toba iha tinan hira nee nia laran, tanba saida, tanba sala boot ida Alkatiri halo lori fali osan minarai maka tama mai, nee Alkatiri nia sala.

“Tebes duni ita nia rai ida bokur tebes, maibe ita husik hela ninia povu toba iha tinan hira nia laran, tanba saida, tanba sala boot ida ke hau halo lori fali osan minarai maka tama mai nee hau nia sala, Se ita maka laiha osan minarai karik oras nee agrikutura buras, oras ita nia mane malu no fetomaluk sira iha kampu moris diak liu duke ita iha sidade, sidade sai fali sira nia pasta, sira nia merkadu, sira nia servisu nee mai husi sira nia servisu rasik,” dehan PM Mari liu husi diskursu, bainhira halo abertura ba Workshop Nasional neebe, halao iha Obrigadu Barak, Dili, Sesta (15/12/2017).

Osan minarai tuir Xefi Governu katak, Tama bar barak iha rai laran, halo Timor Leste sai husi dependensia politika militar ida, tama fali ba dependensia seluk, tanba osan nee la mai husi kosar, nee maka halo ema hotu mehi dehan Timor Leste nee riku ona.

Iha parte ketak jurista Manuel Tilman hateten Orsamentu Jeral Estadu neebe kada tinan foti husi fundu minarai, presiza buka dalan aternativa hodi diversifika ekonomia iha rai laran, atu nunee bainhira mina laiha, TL bele iha osan hodi halo dezenvolvimentu iha rai laran. 

Carme Ximenes/Maria Lay | Suara Timor Lorosae
Obrigadu Oposizaun, Tanba Lakoi Aprova OR

Obrigadu Oposizaun, Tanba Lakoi Aprova OR

DILI - VII Governu Konstitusional neebe xefia husi Primeiru Ministru Mari Alkatiri, fo obrigadu ba oposizaun (CNRT, PLP no Khunto), tanba lakoi aprova Orsamentu Ratifikativu.

Xefi Governu hateten, Orsamentu Ratifikativu maka laliu karik nee ema sei tanis, ema sei sofre, maibe ema mos sei tau iha sira nia kakutak atu hanoin katak, diak liu lalika depende demais ba Estadu nia osan.

Orsamentu Ratefikativu maka laliu karik oinsa, hau dehan nee ema sei tanis, ema sei sofre, maibe ema mos sei tau iha sira nia kakuta atu hanoin katak, diak liu lalika depende demais ba Estadu nia osan, I nee dejafius boot, sei dehan atu hadia nee kondisaun ida diak tebes tebes para atu hadia, hau fo obrigau ba oposizaun tanba lakoi aprova ratifikativu fo mai hau kondisaun diak para atu hadia,” dehan PM Mari liu husi diskursu, bainhira halo abertura ba Workshop Nasional neebe, halao iha Obrigadu Barak, Dili, Sesta (15/12/2017).

Nia dehan hanesan Xefi Governu simu dezafius, tanba fiar katak povu Timor Leste tomak sei hatene tansa saida maka kondisaun nee tenke muda. Tanba ate agora ema hotu hare povu hakmatek.

Iha parte ketak Xefi bankada CNRT Arao Noe hateten, Ministru Planu e Fiansas rasik mai iha Parlamentu Nasional deklara, tanba kestaun tempu orsamentu nee labele ejekuta, tanba nee lakon tempu hodi halo saida ida nee deit, dehan deputadu Arao.

Entretantu Jurista Manuel Tilman hateten, Orsamentu nee hanesan ran nasaun nian, nee duni husu boot para diskusaun aban nee tuir demokrasia, tuir povu ninia interese, labele tuir fali ambizaun ruma hadau poder. 

Carme Ximenes/Maria Lay | Suara Timor Lorosae
Ró Ospitál Xina Sei Halo Asisténsia Médika Gratuita

Ró Ospitál Xina Sei Halo Asisténsia Médika Gratuita

DILI, (TATOLI) – Governu Timor-Leste hato’o benvindu ba ró ahi ospitál Xina, ho naran ARCA DA PAZ ne’ebé sei hala’o misaun pás no umanitária durante semana ida hodi fó asisténsia médika gratuita ba populasaun, veteranu, Polísia Nasionál Timor-Leste (PNTL) no FALINTIL-Forsa Defeza Timor-Leste (F-FDTL).

“Bemvindu mai Timor-Leste, embaixadór, almirante ofisiál superiór sira no mariñeiru sira ne’ebé mak halo ona viajen naruk hodi to’o Timor-Leste”, Ministru Defeza no seguransa, José Agostinho Siqueira Somotxo, perante autoridade xineza sira iha portu Dili, kinta (14/12) relasiona ho prezensa ARCA DA PAZ.

Ita kontinua serbisu hamutuk durante semana ida, programa sira ne’ebé sei tuir mai, programa no konsulta barak sei hahú, aban no loron tuir mai, “Seja Bem  vindo”, deseja tan.

Governante ne’e mós agradese ho prezensa ró ahi ospitál Xina, ARCO DA PAZ hodi fó asisténsia médika ba timoroan sira.

“Agradese ba valiozu apoiu ne’ebé mak Repúblika Populár Xina ba Repúblika Demokrátika Timor-Leste, ba povu no militár iha área saúde, konsulta médika husi espesialista sira no asisténsia ospitalár hodi enaltese ita-nia esforsu konsertadu iha kooperasaun entre Xina no Timor-Leste iha área seguransa defeza, sívil no saúde”.

Timor-Leste taka tinan ne'e ho tensaun polítika ne'ebé marka ho eleisaun rua

Timor-Leste taka tinan ne'e ho tensaun polítika ne'ebé marka ho eleisaun rua

Iha Timor-Leste, tinan 2017 hahú ho dame ida kuaze total entre forsa partidáriu sira, iha klaran marka ho akordu fronteira ho Austrália no hakotu ho krizi polítika ida hafoin eleisaun prezidensial sira no lejislativu nian.

Hanesan moris polítika ida, domina dahuluk hosi kalendáriu eleitoral no hafoin ne'e ho formasaun susar hosi Governu no tuir protestu hosi opozisaun maioritáriu ne'ebé maka marka tan tinan 2017.

Tinan ne'e hotu ho dúvida barak liu duké dúvida sira ne'ebé maka ezisti bainhira hahú tinan 2017, bainhira nasaun prepara hela ba eleisaun prezidensial sira no konsensu ida hatudu ba vitória loloos hosi Francisco Guterres Lu-Olo, apoia hosi nia partidu - Frente Revolucionária do Timor-Leste Independente (Fretilin) - maibé mós ho apoiu hosi Xanana Gusmão ho nia partidu Congresso Nacional da Reconstrução Timorense (CNRT).

Francisco Guterres Lu-Olo manán iha volta dahuluk. Susar liu maka lejislativu sira, iha fulan-Jullu, ne'ebé Fretilin manán ho vitória mínimu, liu de'it votu rihun resin duké CNRT.